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Ana’s #AdventCalendar2013 Sign up sheet

Anastasia Vitsky

Visit the main page of this blog to read today’s post and comment to earn your daily prize entry!


Sign up for the Advent Calendar by leaving a comment below! Please visit the FAQ if you have any other questions.

1) Name

2) Email address

You must use your EXACT email address. Do not put altered addresses like “(at)suchandsuch(dot)com.” If you are concerned about spam bots, register for a free email account only to be used for this event.

3) Book preferences (due to the volume of books available, please note that I do NOT guarantee these can be honored):

  • “S” if you read or want to read spanking books
  • “K” if you read or want to read any kind of kinky book, including BDSM and edgy play
  • “V” if you read or want to read vanilla books

If you love to read anything and everything, list all of…

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