C is for Courtesan

Jenna Jaxon Romance--because passion is timeless.

Welcome to my latest “Alphabet Post.”  Today I’m talking about a certain kind of woman who lived in earlier centuries.  A woman of ill-repute–The Courtesan.

First, the definition of courtesan from the OED, is “a prostitute, especially one with wealthy or upper-class clients.”  But we all probably knew that. So she’s the equivalent of a high-priced call-girl of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Yes, and no.  Courtesans were a breed unto themsleves.  Neither mistress nor wife, the courtesan–the word originally meant a woman of the court or a courtier–often had the freedom to arrange their affairs to their distinct advantage.  Many of them became very wealthy. They may have started out by seducing a wealthy man, enchanting him with their beauty, wit, companionship, and sex.  Then, when she found a better offer, she would leave Wealthy Man #1 and move on to #2. And #3.  And…

There was a social…

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