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The days are starting to run together already. I really need to get myself into a routine now that I’m my own boss. Damn, I’m a slacker of a boss. According to my calendar, today is hump day, so I guess I’ll post some hotties. Everyday is hump day when you write erotic fiction full-time.

So without further ado, what you came for. Heh, I said “came”.

And yes, there is a theme this week. It’s a tricky one. Let’s see how we do.




HD 221


553057_237312979700666_205742706191027_447013_25413143_aDid you figure the theme out? You might need a second look. For multiple reasons…

The countdown to Hot Ticket starts tonight. Are you ready to rock with Jace?

Have a great day!

Many of these are from Ada again, and some are from… I have no frickin’ clue. So if you sent any of these; thanks!

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