The 5 Days of Xmas Giveaway – Day 5

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5 Days of Xmas header 5

It’s the final giveaway of the week!

The winner for yesterday’s giveaway is Texas Book Lover. Check your email and claim your prize!

Today on the blog, we have Raven Morris with her story, Christmas is Coming. Knowing Raven, I have no doubt that the title is very tongue-in-cheek. 🙂


Christmas is Coming! Only 18 more days – What’s on YOUR wishlist?

What do you get the man who has everything? The one who gives you everything?

This is the dilemma Debra faces. Jack, her husband, has given her the best gift of all: his love. Along with that comes a wonderful home, great times together, and, oh yeah, some unexpected but not unwanted experimentation in the bedroom. See, for her birthday, Jack gave Debra her (and his) ultimate fantasy: another man in bed with them. So now, here it is, Christmas and Debra wants to come up…

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