The 5 Days of Xmas – Day 3

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5 Days of Xmas header 3

Hey, it’s hump day! It’s also the 3rd Day of Xmas. Consider yourself spoiled.

My story in the anthology, Share Me, is a prequel to the One Night with Sole Regret series. Because I wasn’t trying to start any romantic relationships in this one, it’s pure smutty fun. Basically two fangirls follow the tour bus up a mountain pass on Christmas Eve and get snowed in with the guys of Sole Regret. The poor things. Whatever will they do?

Well, first we have to give Sole Regret’s lead singer, Shade, a hard time, because well, he’s too cool for his own good and really depressed that he doesn’t get to spend Christmas with his little angel, Julie. So Owen takes it upon himself to cheer him up. And Kellen (who Owen refers to as Kelly) is happy to assist him.


“Who needs this worse, Owen?” Kelly said. “Shade…

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