Hottie Hump Day 39

These aren’t meant to for work, but damn made my day better! If only!!!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

It’s hump day again. Time to get your hump on.

Okay, depending on your place of employment, these are probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! They’re so close to X-rated, we’ll call them W-rated.

Now you may proceed.

And yes, we have another theme this week. Can you guess what it is?

Not that I’m expecting your brain to actually work after these. 🙂

That one was courtesy of Jenn. And the rest of these are from Tasha.

I knew I moved to Texas for a reason.

This next one is soooooo not safe for work. Make sure the kids are out of the room. Quick, close your browser!


And one more for the girth… I mean, one more for the road! Curse my Freudian slips.

Did you figure out the theme?

I’ll give you a few minutes to collect yourself now.

Have a great Wednesday!




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