32 Nights Until Double Time

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32 more nights until Double Time. I promised I’d share an excerpt tonight. Meet Trey’s heroine Reagan Elliot. She has just won a contest to be Exodus End’s touring rhythm guitarist for a year. They’re at Dare’s McMansion. Trey is visiting. This excerpt is from Chapter 3. Enjoy!


She tore her gaze from Dare to watch Trey kick off his shoes. He looked entirely too depressed. “I’m going to go talk to him. Can you give me a couple minutes?”

“Sure, we need to get our instruments tuned up anyway.”

Reagan had completely forgotten that she was still carrying her guitar strapped around her neck and shoulder. She looked down at it wondering if it was wise to take it out near the rolling hot tub water.

“Do you want me to take that into the practice room for you?” Dare asked.

Reagan was dumbfounded by his thoughtfulness…

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