Embedded Deep Under My Skin

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I am disturbed, that I’ve never featured Disturbed on Music Monday. I mean, come on Olivia, they are one of your favorite bands.

Why do I love them? It’s mostly this guy’s fault.

David Draiman. RAWR! He’s so intense. *faints* His vocals make me wonder what kind of sounds he makes in bed. Yes, I just admitted that in public. And now as you listen, you can be wondering the same thing. 😉

Indestructible by Disturbed. Damn, I love this song.

Another Way to Die. This song is deep. Love it!

Inside the Fire. I heard this song is about Draiman’s high school sweetheart who committed suicide. 😦

Asylum. This video is disturbing… I approve!

Okay, one more.  Stricken. Pure, unadulterated awesomeness. The guitar solo… HOT!! I think this song needs to be on Double Time’s official playlist. I need to start putting that together.

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