Wait? Today’s Monday? Whoops!

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In a catastrophic FAIL, I forgot Music Monday. *slaps forehead*

Perhaps you’ll be glad to know why I forgot music monday. I’ve been working on this book all weekend. (Working on, not publishing…)

The trailer is a sneak peak. I know it says “available now” at the end, but it LIES!

You probably picture me spending the Labor Day weekend like this.

Or maybe like this.

But this was my reality.

But the question is, did I finish it?


I rewrote about a third of the book.

Ended up adding over five thousand words.

And right now I am waiting for my editor to check for type-os before I publish it.

So I’ll post a few quotes to tide you over while we wait.

Dear lord, he was already picturing her skirt bunched up around her waist and her panties clenched in his fist. ~Tempt Me

“How do…

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